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Workability 1

Dubnoff School has received a Workability 1 grant and uses it to train our students in pre-employment and employment skills by providing them with comprehensive instruction and exposure to work related environments.
All enrolled students have the opportunity to participate. Students who have demonstrated good attendance, strong work and citizenship habits and maintain good grades may apply. All students must be able to complete the application process to begin Workability training; including work permitting for those 16-18 years of age, on-site job placement and pre-employment assistance. Students who complete the on-site program will be eligible for off-site training at one of our partner agencies. Students who complete the program will be eligible for off-site hire. Dubnoff School endevours to locate off-site job placements for all students who have completed the program.   

More Info

Please visit the Workability 1 site for more information:

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