Updated: Jun 3

2021 was a challenging year for Administration, teachers, and our hardworking students, but we came through with grit and determination! We're proud of you all!

Students who earned an "I" in any classes now have time to complete assignments and earn a passing letter grade, so be sure to stay in contact with your teachers and counselors through e-mail, phone and your drivers. Packets for the spring semester will be distributed over the next few weeks. For students who are failing, this is a chance for you to make up work and earn some credits! Together, we can overcome challenges, grow stronger, and make 2021 a great year!

ESY, summer school, will begin on Tuesday, July 6th and will end on Monday, August 2nd. We are still in the process of developing both brick and mortar as well as remote learning for summer. We will let you all know in advance what the schedule will be.

Covid Vaccinations are now available without appointments in many places including Walmart's. We highly suggest that you research this and hopefully chose to get your son/daughter vaccinated as quickly as possible. This will allow for safe transportation and opening up our school for in person instruction more quickly.

2021 fue un año desafiante para la administración, los maestros y nuestros estudiantes trabajadores, ¡pero lo superamos con valentía y determinación! ¡Estamos orgullosos de todos ustedes!

A medida que trabajamos juntos, ajustamos nuestras clases remotas y nuestro aprendizaje mientras esperamos nuestro eventual regreso a las clases de ladrillo y mortarte.

Los estudiantes que obtuvieron una "I" en cualquier clase ahora tienen tiempo para completar sus tareas y obtener una calificación aprobatoria, así que asegúrese de mantenerse en contacto con sus maestros y consejeros por correo electrónico, teléfono y conductores.

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