How to continue with Remote Learning

Spring Break is at an end, Dubnoff's hardworking staff is prepared to continue the school year learning via remote teaching! This is a new, changing time, and we're adapting to keep your studies going! Time to get back to class! To do so, students will need to take a number of steps:

1. Each student will need a free gmail account. Please make all attempts to use your own name and not a nickname. CLICK HERE for a tutorial if you need one.

2. Students will need to be logged in to their Gmail account and join their classes. Each class has a code students need to join. Codes will be provided to you, and can be found on each teacher's page.

3. Students will need a free PBS LearningMedia account. This can be accessed using the Gmail account: Please click here and use your gmail account to sign up.

4. Lessons will also be posted on EdPuzzle. You will be able to reach these through your Google Classes. If you have problems, contact your teachers or the school main number!

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