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The Dubnoff Nonpublic School Program provides special education services to students ages 11-22, in grades 6-12 who have emotional, learning and developmental disabilities. Our program combines prescriptive individualized instruction with small group instruction. Dubnoff School works towards mastery of state standards to meet the educational needs and curriculum requirements of our students. Our program utilizes a structured behavior management program that emphasizes positive reinforcement, personal responsibility and accountability.  
The school offers individual counseling, language and speech where applicable, and transition services by appropriately licensed/credentialed staff. Transportation is available for students who fall within routes provided by the school, and based upon availability of seats on vans. Other transportation arrangements can be made. Dubnoff School actively prepares students for mainstreaming back into public schools, occupational centers, community colleges, and jobs in the community.  Workability and Department of Rehabilitation programs are available for students who qualify.
It is Dubnoff School's policy to work in conjunctiuon with parents, guardians and support persons to address and ameliorate student misbehaviors. Our Positive Behavior Support Program is designed to assist students in recognizing misbehaviors, taking responsibility for them and learning to use appropriate alternative behaviors.
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Hover to see a Point Sheet
Students carry point sheets during the day and are graded on task completion and classroom behavior each period. The student will receive a level of 0 to 3.  At the end of the day, the student's levels are calculated into a daily percentage for store credit, and points for task completion are totaled.  Store credit and cash rewards are accessible to students who earned them once a week. 
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