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The Modified Nonpublic School Program (MNPS)

The Dubnoff School Modified Nonpublic School (MNPS) offers an abbreviated weekly program designed to meet the unique schooling and scheduling needs of emotionally disturbed, learning disabled and Asperger's students. 

MNPS candidates may exhibit limited ability to participate in a full day program due to work and/or family responsibilities that limit their availability, severe depression, medication issues, school phobia and/or poor tolerance for highly active environments. 

The MNPS setting utilizes small group tutorial approach, educational therapy, DIS counseling and transition services to assist students in attaining graduation, moving back into a less restrictive NPS setting or transitioning into a junior college or occupational center.  The Dubnoff School MNPS Program has enjoyed a very high graduation rate!

Students who wish to enroll in the MNPS Program must have a current IEP specifying NPS services and the approval of the district of residence.

Dubnoff School MNPS program operates Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 1:45 PM-4:00 PM, and 12:00-2:00 PM for extended school year.  While on campus MNPS students receive direct instruction in academic areas where they require the most assistance.  The remainder of their schoolwork is to be completed independently during the week.  Students should expect to spend at 4-6 hours daily on their independent assignments. 

MNPS students are expected to display high motivation to attend the program and complete their individual assignments.  MNPS students are mature, polite and responsible for their work and behavior.  Students who demonstrate the willingness to be active participants are guaranteed to receive support that will enable success in school.

If you are interested in Dubnoff School's MNPS program, please contact us, or your District's Nonpublic Schools Office.

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