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The Individualized Education Program and You

Dubnoff School encourages all parents and students to be active participants in the Individualized Education Program (IEP) process. We feel that every IEP should be valuable and informative. We strongly recommend that students, parents, guardians, family members and community support personnel attend every IEP. We will work with you to schedule an IEP at a convenient time for you. 

Please contact Dubnoff School to request additional information, or to request an IEP be held.

Parent Resources

Several useful resources are provided by the districts we currently serve. These can be printed directly from the websites. Dubnoff School can provide copies of these resources to you, free of charge.


Division of Special Education

The IEP Process Parent's Guide (English)

 El Proceso del IEP Guía para Padres

A Parent’s Guide To Special Education Services

Glendale Unified School District
Office of Special Education

Burbank Unified School District

Parent's Rights

Burbank Unified School District

BUSD office of Special Education

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