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School Rules
  1. Enter classroom quietly with appropriate behavior. Go directly to your assigned area.

  2. Be respectful of peers, staff, and environment.

  3. Use appropriate language.

  4. A pass is required to leave class.

  5. Grooming and make-up should be done before school, at break, at lunch, or during earned free time.

  6. Cell phones, MP3 players are turned in at the gate.

  7. No horseplay or personal contact in school.

  8. All owed time and work will be made up at the first available free time.

  9.  Work must be done at the student's desk.

  10. Student may not touch classroom tech without permission.

  11. Students are responsible for keeping the classroom neat and clean.

  12. No gang-related behavior or attire (verbal, hand signs, or tagging.) 

Daily Bell Schedule: 

Arrival          7:40 AM
Period 1        7:50-8:45    
Period 2        8:46-9:41    
Period 3        9:42-10:37  
Period 4        
Period 5        11:34-12:29
Period 6        12:49-1:44
Homeroom    1:44-2:22
Classroom Rules
  1. Be ready to work!

  2. Please be respectful.

  3. Use appropriate language.

  4. No electronic devices.

  5. Maintain appropriate boundaries.


1. Cell phones, MP3 player, personal game devices
4. Large sums of money
5. Cigarettes, e-pens, vape pens, lighters or matches
6. Dice
7. Drugs
8. Weapons

What NOT to bring

  1. Shoes must be worn at all times.

  2. Shorts must be appropriate. 

  3. Shirts and blouses must cover the belly button and be buttoned.  No sheer tops or leggings.

  4. No visible undergarments.

  5. No hats, gloves or sunglasses are to be worn inside.

  6. Bandannas, do rags, wave caps are forbidden within school grounds.

  7. Pants and shirts must not be torn or have holes.

  8. Students should not wear shirts with advertisements for alcoholic beverages, gang related drawings, drug paraphernalia, use, or symbols or sexually explicit pictures.

  9. No gang colors, symbols, letters, or other gang attire.

  10. Students coming to school inappropriately dressed will be asked to change into clothes provided by the school or return home and change.



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